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Make a positive contribution to change: from INALJ to T160K

Sometimes a vacation can change your career in an unexpected way, and your life for the better.

NaomiHouseIn February I traveled to South Africa for a conference and vacation. I had never been but we got very cheap airline tickets and my cricket loving husband was finally looking forward to going somewhere with sports on TV he would actually Like to watch 🙂

One night after dinner I rode back on the bus and spent an hour talking to the keynote presenter, Dr. Stephanie Diakité about INALJ (my community and website for job hunting library and information professionals). We chatted about her successful Indiegogo campaign with librarians in Timbuktu who bravely rescued and then preserved thousands of books and manuscripts held in trust for generations. Librarians and archivists had contributed in great numbers to that campaign. We knew there was space and communities online to continue this work beyond and including the Timbuktu manuscripts.

What came from that meeting was a new social purpose corporation, We help people contribute to positive change in Africa through crowdfunding cultural and artistic projects. Right now we have just launched 4 campaigns in Ethiopia, Mali and West Africa that can be viewed on our site. For as little as $5 you can help our projects meet their requirements 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this and being a potential champion of T160K! As I learned from growing INALJ, my network are very giving. I appreciate that so much! Contact me with any questions at and I give thanks that you are in my network! What can you do? Donate to any of our partner programs from cataloging the Timbuktu manuscripts to helping raise funds for a Circus that employs the disadvantaged in Ethiopia all at and follow and RT us on Facebook and @T160K on Twitter!

All the best, Naomi House, CMO at and founder at

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