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Peace May Lie Within the Pages of the Ancient Timbuktu Manuscripts

Peace May Lie Within the Pages of the Ancient Timbuktu Manuscripts

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All of us can do something today to help the Mamma Haidara Commemorative Library share
Timbuktu’s priceless learning with the world. The knowledge in these manuscripts
can make change and bring understanding and peace to the region.


Ancient Arab Manuscripts In Bouj Beha, MaliIn 2012, under threat from fundamentalist rebels, a team of archivists, librarians, and couriers evacuated an irreplaceable trove of manuscripts from Timbuktu at great personal risk [read more]. The story didn’t end there. In 2013, 1,257 funders chipped in on Indiegogo to save and preserve the libraries from the damp of their new environment in exile. Now we’re ready to help with the next step: cataloging these ancient manuscripts so that they can be shared with the world.

With the preservation effort successfully launched, the world has turned its eyes to other matters. But until these priceless libraries are cataloged, the knowledge they contain cannot be used. Our goal is to fund the cataloging of this body of work–over 400,000 manuscripts in total–so that they can be shared with the world.

And there is no time to spare- it is CRITICAL that these manuscripts be cataloged. To support the urgent peace process in West Africa, Abdel Kader Haidara is launching the project to catalog the manuscripts of Timbuktu. The first body of work to be cataloged will focus on the theme of regional peace and reconciliation.

The manuscripts of Timbuktu record hundreds of years of diplomacy, scholarship, and jurisprudence on this topic in great detail. With the eyes of the world turned toward West Africa today, there is no better time to begin!

With the urgent situation in Africa today, this work cannot wait. This is going to be an amazing, historic effort. We expect the purchase of tablets for cataloging and the training of the first staff to begin soon, and we will send you regular updates on the progress of the work. YOU can be a part of this effort to create an enduring cultural heritage for peace and development in Africa. Join the movement and learn more on

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