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Story Telling from New Orleans to Mali: Inspiration from Story Corps & Beyond

by Naomi House

Naomi Story Corps NOLA 3.16.15 1

I love my neighborhoods in New Orleans. Yesterday I was taking a walk and I noticed a silver Airstream trailer on a field next to Doerr Furniture.  The group was still setting up so I decided to come back that way at the end of my walk.  As I approached I realized it said “StoryCorps” in bright pink letters and I got super-excited! Story Corps is an amazing program that travels the United States interviewing people about stories in their life, recording them, archiving them through places like the Library of Congress, and sharing them on national and local NPR stations, like WWNO in New Orleans.  I highly recommend checking them out. They are doing really important work and their next stop after NOLA is Omaha, Nebraska.

Mali Super Onze i4africa interview 1 from flikr

T160K partners Instruments 4 Africa are doing similar, vital work in West Africa and Mali, documenting the region’s threatened musical traditions, talking to the people who still hold them today, and revitalizing those traditions through film and public performance.  Filming these heritage musicians and interviewing them is preservation work. Without these films many traditions will be lost to memory and time. Today, Instruments 4 Africa already has the footage for their next series of documentaries. Paul and his team have used private funding to keep the work going for now, but this temporary fix is not sustainable. We want to help them complete production of these videos so Instruments 4 Africa can release them to the worldwide public, and anyone in the global community can help. With dozens of languages commonly-spoken in Mali, translation alone is a significant effort.

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Today, make a one-time contribution to Instruments4Africa:

All photos copyright Paul Chandler and Instruments4Africa used with permission

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