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by Stephanie Diakité and Naomi House


Fotor Created 7.31.15

Africa is on the rise economically and African art, music, manuscripts, books and culture are increasingly important to the global culture.  This is where CROWDFUNDING comes in!  Technology now allows anyone across to globe to FUND the amazing projects and work of Africa’s artists and entrepreneurs so that the people creating the art and doing great work have a sustainable way to continue their great work!


You can be part of making this happen in Africa with T160K! Join our global community and get culture front and center on the socioeconomic development, growth and human rights agenda!

See our press coverage in the Guardian, Library Journal and many other news sites, for more information about this exciting opportunity to drive change and innovation!


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abbreviated version first published January 5, 2015 on LinkedIn as TECH+CULTURE=SUSTAINABILITY

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