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How YOU Can Help this Ethiopian Circus Grow-Grow-GROW!

by Naomi House

How YOU Can Help this Ethiopian Circus Grow-Grow-GROW!

Teklu and his circusCircus Debre Berhan is less than $4000 away from breaking ground on their new training facility and you can help them build brick by brick with just a small donation!  A circus is its people, and Circus Debre Berhan, in Debre Berhan, Ethiopia knows this and is founded on this very human understanding.  At its heart is founder Teklu Ashagir whose mission for Circus Debre Berhan is to teach “circus skills and performance as a tool to empower marginalized members of society to realize new realities for themselves, their families and communities.”

This is where T160K and YOU come in!

Circus Debre Berhan is only $3,844 dollars away for breaking ground on its new training facility.  Imagine, if a small number of global citizens each gave just $5, $10, $100 or even $1000 their goal would be met in no time at all!  A new training facility will,

  • Provide a central place where the performers can develop new techniques

  • Be a place for them to share their new skills with audiences

  • As well as other performers from around the world

  • This space will become a focus of cultural exchange and artistic creativity for the circus!

Be the change you want to see!  And make that change today!

Here is How!

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