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The first, best circus in Ethiopia and how they are changing the world, starting at home

by Naomi House

The first, best circus in Ethiopia &
how they are changing the world, starting at home

2015 black and white young performers circus debre berhan 3We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘think globally, act locally’ but very few truly take the steps and do something that has the potential for great, rippling impact like Ethiopia’s very first circus, the Circus Debre Berhan in the city of Debre Berhan, Ethiopia.  Founded in 1998 the circus has the vision to “contribute to a just, resourceful and creative society by harnessing community strengths and inspiring positive change in the lives of individuals through social circus and performance.”

What is better or more global than each of us individually making positive change at the local level?

Their mission is to teach “circus skills and performance as a tool to empower marginalised members of society to realize new realities for themselves, their families and communities. ”  They do “this through partnering with and providing resources to existing local organizations and foreign organizations,” where they “host life changing projects.”  And the “Circus Debre Berhan places a strong emphasis on physical discipline, strength and creativity in our programs building on (their) foundational values of mutual respect, safety, honesty, trust and group work.”

And all starting at HOME, local first to change the world!

T160k Circus Debre Berhan color juggling

Want to help them in their mission no matter where YOU are located?  YOU can help!

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Special note that due to the variations of transliteration the Circus is accurately known both as Circus Debre Berhan and Circus Debere Berhan.  Both spellings are correct.  T160K uses Circus Debre Berhan for consistency but either is OK.

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