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Crowdfunding as a Means, Not an End

by Naomi House and Tony Dowler

Crowdfunding as a Means, Not an End 

Fendika collage 2015

Fame does not always mean fortune – but the Best musicians realize that it is the people that make the music what it is and that funding them is vital!

Melaku Belay, of the internationally renowned Fendika Music Club, in the heart of Addis Ababa, is one such musician that realizes that musicians need compensation in conjunction with recognition.  In fact it is Vital!

He began his career as a street kid and refugee whom the owners of Fendika allowed to sleep behind the stage at the Fendika Club. He taught himself to dance by watching performers at the club and worked for many years before he eventually became the owner.  Melaku is an energizing force in the Ethiopian music scene and beyond. Today, artists from all over the world come to Fendika to play and talk, exchange ideas, and teach young musicians. Melaku and his club have an influence on world music that reaches far beyond the walls of Fendika.

But music doesn’t generate a great deal of income, and the club still faces economic, cultural, and practical challenges to staying open. The purpose of this campaign is to help fund and support the club in order to continue to create a professional music culture in Ethiopia, preserving traditional styles and supporting new compositions.  Crowdfunding as a means to pay the artists and be sustainable while never ending the music!

We are looking for individuals and music lovers who can pledge a monthly sponsorship, small or large, to help Fendika continue its mission. By supporting this campaign, you’re helping to keep Fendika open and actively supporting the musicians who play there.

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You can be part of making this happen in Africa with T160K! Join our global community and get culture front and center on the socioeconomic development, growth and human rights agenda!


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